Building a digitally

skilled workforce in Africa

Digital Skills Accelerator Africa e.V. (DSAA) is an independent organisation focused on training highly skilled digital workforce talent in Africa, thus creating business opportunities for companies and job opportunities for individuals.

Vision & Mission

Promoting potential.
Creating value

We aim to promote the potential of the growing Impact Sourcing industry in order to drive employment in Africa and create sustainable value across the continent.

Our Key Activities

Enabling young


We strengthen bonds and promote collaboration between international partner companies, creating a web of local support, knowledge and best practices. This helps to enable young professionals in Africa to participate in IT related training and further education programs.

Training & Education

We support the promotion of training and further education in the fields of IT, digital and customer experience management in Africa.

Facilitating Employment

We create potential opportunities for employment in partner companies.

Digital Development

We enable trained professionals in the IT and customer experience management service sector to contribute to the long-term development of the digital industry.

Our Value Proposition

Providing world class digital

training for the most in-demand

digital skills

Our training and educational programmes offer both general and specialised content that can easily be adapted towards company specific IT needs. By including a substantial practical training component, our young professionals are fully prepared to perform in their future jobs. Talents who have successfully completed our training are given the opportunity to be employed by our international DSAA partner companies.

AmaliTech and getINNOtized


Azubi Africa serves as a conduit between academia and the job market. We have a beautiful synergy that combines upskilling young talents and making them industry-ready, and providing a rich talent pool for corporate bodies to employ high performance candidates for real industry impact.

The programme is a career kick-starter in the field of Data Science, Software Engineering and Cloud Technologies for young IT professionals – A great example of the successful collaboration between our partner companies getINNOtized and AmaliTech.


Training Opportunities for Young People in Morocco

As part of the DSAA, Majorel is currently working with the Moroccan Foundation for Education for Employment (EFE-Maroc) to offer training support programmes on soft skills and language proficiency for young people aged 18 to 35 actively seeking employment. The programme is tailored to the specific needs of BPO sector – opening an employment pathway to the youth of Morocco.

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