getINNOtized is giving companies access to the largest untapped pool of IT talents on our planet. Africa has the world’s largest growing workforce and digitalization as well as education have been on top of government agenda in most African countries for the last decade. As a result of this, academic institutions in the IT-field have prospered and provide graduates with great opportunities during their studies. Unfortunately, the local market cannot absorb the amount of tech talent available, a candy shop for leading corporations with global value-chains.

We have developed an education & employment program in partnership with Microsoft and African universities, that develops the most talented individuals from Africa into IT specialists and brings them together with global companies with need for IT  professionals career tracks: Data  Engineering, Cloud/ DevOps,  Cybersecurity.

Thereby we are solving societal challenges in two different worlds:

  1. Fighting brain drain in Africa through creation of attractive working opportunities;
  2. Providing a solution against the global shortage in digital skills.

We involve our customer already during candidate recruiting & education. By this means we are fighting brain drain by creating attractive ICT jobs for “High Potentials” in Pan-Africa while overcoming the shortage of digital skills at German companies.

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